Tenant Area

Our Tenant Area is specifically designed to give important information to out Tenants. This area contains links to all the information and resources that are relevant to the tenants and their tenancy, such as details about their rental agreements, contact information for the landlord, information about the property itself and the repair and maintenance process. In the tenant area, tenants can access their rental agreements and other important documents, such as rules and regulations for the property.

Overall, this Tenant area of our website is a convenient and efficient way for tenants to access important information and resources related to their rental property and stay informed about their responsibilities and rights as tenants.


Applying For A Tenancy

If you would like to apply for one of our tenancies, this page will explain all you need to know.........

During The Tenancy

This section will help you understand your tenancy, what the tenancy agreement means and what yours and our responsibilities are.


Repairs & Maintenance

We explain the process relating to repairs and maintenance issues, the importance of reporting issues to us and what your responsibility is in relation to minor repairs......

Tenancy Deposits

This will explain where your tenancy deposit is held, what it is used for and how it is repaid to you when your tenancy comes to an end.

Ending A Tenancy

To end a tenancy, it is important that it is ended in the legal framework that is designed for the tenancy and in accordance with the tenancy contract,  this page we explains how a tenancy is ended.........


It is impossible to answer all the questions associated with tenancies and rental properties but we have created a Frequently Asked Question section which may help.

Applying for a tenancy….

This section of our website expalains the applicationn process of applying for a tenancy with us. A tenancy application provides us with a record of the tenant’s declaration as to their identity, previous residences and employment histories, income status, referees, and other personal details.

The completed form represents an important legal document which forms the basis of the tenant screening or verifying process and the contract. It also confirms the tenant’s understanding of the property to be let, the type and length of tenancy and basic terms, the costs and expenses to be paid and the rent and deposit required.

About Our Tenancies

The terms of the tenancy, such as the length of the rental period, the amount of rent, and the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant, are  outlined in the tnancy  agreement. There are different types of tenancies, including short-term (HMO) and long-term (such as a traditional family hous tenancies).  This section of our website explains what types of tenancies we provide.


Repairs and Maintenance

This part of ou site deals with all aspect of repairs and maintenane issues, including electrical, heaiting, minor repairs and damp and mould issues. Dealing with repairs and mainteance issues promptly is important to us but it is just as impotant that all parties understand their responsibilities. This page provides information on repairs and maintenance and getting repairs done promptly. It explains both the tenant’s and the landlord’s responsibilities to do repairs. We also cover minor repair issues and some common repair problems…….

Electrical Issues

This page will help you deal with Electrical Issues and a tripping Elecctric Circuit.  Most of the time a tripping circuit is easy to solve by resetting the fuse, but if the circuit continues to trip, you must call us so that we can send an approved electrician to assess the problem.

We have a page dedicated to the problems associated with a Tripping Electrical Circuit. To see this page please click here



Common Heating Problems

Whether you rent your property or own your property, from time to time you will come across property maintenance issues that need attention. It’s not possible to cover every aspect of property issues but below we have covered the three main problems that as landlords we get the most calls on.

The most common problems with property maintenance issues are usually to to with roof and guttering alongside heating and electrics.

This page deals with problems associated with a Tripping Electrical Circuit.