Getting In Touch

Our office hours are 9-30 until 4-00 Monday to Friday.  You can get in touch with us by calling the number listed here. Please read the information below about getting in touch with us and about contacting us to report any issues or a maintenace requests.

Contact Information

We're here to help you Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. But we'd like to remind tenants that if it's not a true emergency and can wait until the next business day, please call us the next business day.

We appreciate your understanding and respecting our personal time but of course if it a real emergency, we're here to help.

Emergency Situations

The following describes what we consider to be an emergency situation, meaning that our attention is required immediately.

  • A fire or other dangerous situation that requires immediate attention
  • A plumbing or drainage issue that is causing significant water damage
  • A power outage or other issue that is affecting the safety of the property

None Emergency Situations

The following ARE NOT Emergency Situations.

    • Boiler Not Working - important but not emergency.
    • Electricity Tripping - likely to be a user appliance.

Continuously Calling

We do make sure we're available when you need us, but sometimes we might miss not be able to answer your call because we're assisting someone else, or taking care of other matters.

If you call us and we're unable to pick up, we're not ignoring you, we can't answer  because we can't at that point. Instead of repeatedly calling in the belief it will jolt us into action, please leave a voice message or better still, send a text or WhatsApp. This way, we can get back to you promptly, and when leaving a voice-mail or a text, please don't simply say or type "please call me", you should let us know what the reason for your call so that we are properly informed and that way we can deal with your call better.

Judgement as to whether a situation qualifies as a serious emergency, is a matter of common sense but the vast majority of situations are not an emergency.  For non-emergency issues, please wait until regular business hours to contact us.

If you have an emergency you must CALL us and if we are not available, you must leave a voicemail stating EXACTLY what the situation is. All voicemails are immediately forwarded to us and we deal with them relevant to their importance.

By following these guidelines, tenants can help ensure that we are able to address any issues in a timely and efficient manner, while also respecting our personal time and privacy.


P.O.Box 31
Leeds, LS24 9XZ

Phone Number

07775 784 192