Electrical Problems

This page will help you deal with Electrical Issues and a tripping Elecctric Circuit.  Most of the time a tripping circuit is easy to solve by resetting the fuse, but if the circuit continues to trip, you must call us so that we can send an approved electrician to assess the problem.

Tenancy Deposits

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Ending A Tenancy

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Common Electrical Problems

It’s a nuisance, but if the electric system is going to trip, it will do so at the most inconvenient time, usually Christmas Day.
Whether you rent your property or own your property, the Electrics will trip! Below are explanations of the most common reasons why the electric system will trip and you should find the video helpful when it comes to resetting the board.

Electric Tripping

A fuse switch that keeps tripping is usually caused by a faulty electrical item or an overloaded circuit. Locating the root of the problem is largely a process of elimination and something you can do yourself. Here we’ll talk you through how to work out why your electric keeps tripping and how to repair a tripped fuse.

RCDs, or Residual Current Devices, look out for abnormal electricity currents. And shut off the power supply the moment that they detect any abnormalities. This might be annoying, but they are a vital safety device and ensure that faulty wiring or a faulty applicance does not lead to an electric shock. So please don’t get too irritated by a tripping RCD, it is there for your protection.  

Narrowing Down The Problem

Circuits will nearly always trip due to their being a fault on the electrical system. There are a mix of reasons why the circuit protection will trip out or blow, some of which are easy to fault find and fix, some will require an approved electrician with fault finding equipment to sort out. Below are some of the main causes of faults within your homes. As you can see, a lot of faults are caused by the residents and therefore can be remedied by them.

  • An overloaded circuit (extension cables)
  • Too many appliances being used at the same time
  • A faulty or misused appliance
  • Overfilled kettles
  • Unclean toasters
  • Cooker rings worn out or cracked
  • Faulty immersion heaters
  • Faulty connections on leads to appliances e.g. televisions or stereos etc
  • Too many extension cables
  • Light bulbs blowing
  • Water in exterior accessories such as outside lights/sockets
  • DIY installations of lights/sockets and other accessories
  • Faulty heating controls i.e. Pump or valves

Does Your Meter Have Credit

It may be obvious, but its not unusual for our electrician to be called out to an electric problem, only to find out that the meter has run our of credit.  We ask that you please check the level of credit on your electric meter and make sure that it is sufficient for the normal operation of the meter.

Dealing With The Electric Tripping

A tripping circuti might be something as simple as resetting the fuse switch. Firstly you should check which appliance may be causing the problem, often it is an Iron, Kettle, Washing Machine or other applicance which may be near to water.

First reset the tripped switch which you will find on the Consumer Unit Board.   If the fuse switch keeps tripping, try turning all of the fuses off, including the main RCD, then turn all fuses back on.  If the fuse refuses to reset, it is very likely an appliance or extension is causeing the problem.

So your next point of call is to unplug all the electrical appliances in the property.  The most common cause of a RCD tripping is a faulty appliance, normally an Iron, Kettle or Washing-machine, but it could also be any other appliance, so it is often a process of elimination.  It is important that you unplug all of the appliances before you attempt to reset the fuse(s) and not simply switch them off.  Once you reset the fuse and it remains in the “on” position, replug the appliances in one by one, and if the RCD trips when plugging one of the appliances in, then you may have lilley found the faultly appliance.  You may have to do this a couple of times before you finally pinpoint the problem.

If this doesn’t work, then. you will need to report the problem to us sot that we can send our Electrician to test and inspect the circuits, but please please check all appliances and extension cables are removed and the circuit tested as you will be charged the call out fee if they are found to be the problem.

Electrical Appliances

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to properly use and look after any electrical appliances that are provided by us or are present in the rental property at the outset of the tenancy.  It is also your responsiblity to look after any appliance owned by you. This includes ensuring that appliances are kept in good working order and are used in a safe and responsible manner and are kept clean.  The most common cause of electric tripping is a faulty or misued appliance and if your faulty appliance damages our fittings or causes damage to the electrical circuit, then you are responsible.

You can read more about Electrical Appliances by Clicking Here


Resetting A Tripping Fuse

This video should help you understand the process of resetting the trip switches on the fuse circuit of the Consumer Unit.  The most common cause of a tripping circuit is a faulty appliance, so you need to check your appliances if the circuit keeps on tripping.  Obviously if are you still having problems, or you cannot follow these instructions, you can  call us and we will go through things with you.

Very Important

The Electrical System in our properties are modern certified RCD systems and as such are very reliable. If you have an issue with the elecrical system which causes a blown fuse, you should notify us and you should also take the steps to elimate the probable caused as detailed here on this Web Page (check all appliances). If it is necessary for us to call out an electrician and they find that the issue was caused by an appliance belonging to the tenant, or by an extension cable used by the tenant, you will be held responsible for covering the cost of the engineers call out fee plus any costs required for fault finding and to fix the problem. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to maintain and repair your own electrical appliances and it  would therefore be unreasonable for us to be expected to bear the cost of repairs for something we can do nothing about.  Tenants are responsible for ensuring that their own appliances are in good working order and that they do not cause damage to the property or to other appliances owned by us. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you take all necessary steps to make sure that if a fuse is tripping, it is not tripping because of a faulty appliance belonging to you, and if they are, you will be charged for the call out.