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Landlords Property Access

There is some ambiguity regarding our rights to access tenanted properties. The law is clear in that we must allow you "quiet enjoyment" of your property. However, there may be times when we need to gain access and under the terms of your tenancy agreement, we are allowed to do this. The following page explains your rights and our rights with respect to accessing the property.

Tenancy Documentation

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Damp and Mould Problems

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Heating Problems

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Landlords Property Access

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Giving Notice

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Reporting A Repair

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Landlords Access

We can access the communal areas at reasonable times and at any time where there is an emergency without having to give house-guest notice.  However, we cannot access your private room without requesting your permission and without giving you 24 hours notice or intention to do so.

Routine Property Inspections

We conduct routine inspection of our rental properties.  The main purpose is make sure that the condition of the property is being kept up to and also to check for any repairs that may be required.

Here’s what we look out for:

Inside the property

  • Walls, light switches, doorways and doors are clean from marks and have no holes.
  • Carpets are clean and stain free.
  • Windows and screens are clean and intact.
  • Kitchen areas are clean and oven/stove top is free of burnt on food and carbon staining.
  • Shower and  toilets are clean (including tiling).
  • All areas and rooms are fully accessible (no blockages).
  • No noticeable new damage.


House Keys

You will be provide with a set of house keys.  Should you wish to copy keys, please call our office so we can record the number of extra keys in circulation. It is important to note that when your tenancy finishes you will need to return all keys given to you at the start of your tenancy and any additional copies created during your tenancy period.  If you lose your key, we can give you access to the property by providing you with the emergency key.  The door lock on this door is a very expensive lock and must not be tampered with, even by an experience lock-smith.

Digital Locks

Digital Locks are fitted to all private rooms. The codes are pre-set and cannot be changed by the Tenant. If for some reason the code is compramised and you want it changes, we can do this but but the lock has to be removed, therefore we have to make a charge for this service. 


Parking on Marshall Street is by way of Permit only. House-guests are allowed one parking permit each and these can be applied for by submitting a copy of the rental agreement to the Parking Permit department at Leeds City Council – Telephone 0113 378 500.  It is the responsibility of the house-guest to obtain their own parking permit and is not the responsibility of the landlord.


Make sure you let Royal Mail know your new address.  There is a general post box for collection of all house post.  Please empty the box of your own post and leave other house-guest post inside the box and throw any junk mail in the bin.  We do not wish to see post strewn on the hall floor so please keep this area tidy at all times.


The house has communal WIFI and you will be given the SSID and Log in details when you complete your tenancy documentation. 

No Smoking Policy

All of our properties have a strict ‘No Smoking” policy.  The nature of communal houses means that we must consider the saftey of all the house-guests and we cannot afford for a randomly discarded cigarette but to cause a situation which may result in the safety of the house and the house-guests, to that end we do not permit smoking in any part of the premises and this includes the exterior of the property.  

Noise and Disruptions

It is important to note that the utmost care must be taken to ensure that you do not disturb other house-guests with noise or anti-social behaviour.  House-guests can be reassured that we take anti social behaviour extremely seriously and will not hesitate to do everything in our power to ensure all house-guest feel safe and protected.   Anti Social behaviour can be subjective, but most normal people understand that it boils down to common sense and basic good manners. 

Such things as loud music, loud noises, banging, late night noise, smoking, drug taking, unwarented visitors, uncleanliness, disruptive behaviour, bullying and intimidation etc will be dealt wtih in the most robust of ways.  Loud music, parties or other situations can disrupt a house-guess right to peace, and their quiet enjoyment of our residence.

Particular care and attention must be taken with respect to noise due to the close proximity of other house-guests, usually located on the other side of the wall or directly above and below rooms. Tenants should also ensure that their own visitors are not disrupting other house-guests and neighbours.

We ask all house-guests to consider their co-living partners.  Please be considerate and curtious of others and please be aware that others may have different working hours to what you have.  Our properties must not be used for parties or large gatherings or for any activity which may make other house-guests feel uncomfortalbe or intimidated.

Electrical System & Fuse Trips

Each room in the house is independently wired from the main Consumer Unit of the house.  This means that if there is a problem with the electrics in your room which trips out one or more of the fuse circuits, it will affect other rooms by tripping out the other rooms or even the main communal areas of the house.

If a fuse does trip out in your room, it is highly likely that a faulty appliance has caused it to happen.  The most common culprits are Irons and Kettles.  The trip switch may simply reset by pushing it up, however, if it doesn’t you will need to take the plugs out of the wall sockets in your room and then the fuse(s) should reset.  If they do not, in an extreme case, it may be that the main consumer unit board needs resetting and this is a simple matter of identifying which fuse has tripped and pushing the fuse switch back up into position.

Kitchen, Appliances & Bins

The kitchen area is communal for all house-guest to use and enjoy.  It is down to the house-guests to keep the kitchen clean and tidy and free of any objects which may cause a hazard.  The ovens and the hobbs must be kept clean and free of a build up of oil and burn food.

To prevent smells and unkind odours, the kitchen bins need emptying on a regular basis and this rotar is down to the house-guests to decide on.  Lose waste cannot be tipped into the main collection bins so the kitchen bins must be lined by with the correct bin liners.  Emptying the kitchen bins and replacing the bin liners is the responsiblity of the house guests and not the responsiblity of the landlord.

There are two washer dryers for house-guests to use. Please be considerate of other house-guests when using the washer/dryers and in particular the noise generated by these machines.  Washing powder is the responsiblity of the house-guest as is the cleaning of the machines and the cleaning of the filters and reporting of any breakages or maintenance issues should be done immediately.

The fridge must be cleaned on a regular basis as must the Washer/Dryers which must also be kept free of debris and filters must be cleaned regularly.


Refuse Bins and Collection Times

There are two types of refuse bins which concern the house-guests; General Waste (black bin) and Green Wast (green bin).  The bins are kept at the rear of the house in the designated bin area and are collected on an alternate Thursday
The Black Bin will be collected on 12th March, the Green Bin will be collected on the 19th March and so on (see calendar on the house notice board).

Black = General Household Waste
Green Bin = Paper and Cardboard

Communal Areas

Communal areas are those parts of a house which tenants have a right to use in common with other tenants and for which a landlord is responsible. These include: communal hallways, stairs, kitchen, access ares, gardens and yards. 

Whilst a cleaning service is provided, keeping up the day to day appearance of the communal areas of the house is ultimately the responsiblity of the house-guest.  House-guests must not keep or store any item in the communal areas, especially those areas which offer a clear fire escape route.

Your Contact Information

It is your responsibility to ensure that any changes to your contact details (phone, email etc) during the tenancy are given to our office as soon as possible.

Content Insurance

It is your responsibility to take out insurance for their personal belongings –  Our Landlord’s insurance only covers the structure of the property and does not cover the tenants contents in the property.

Fire Alarm and Fire Safety

The property is fitted with a modern fire alarm system and this works on sepeare “zones”.  This allows us to immediatly identify which detector set the alarm so that we can easily identify any fault in the system. The fire alarm system is certified by a competent installer and will be tested by us on a regular basis.

Alarm systems are notoriously sensitive and tempremental and may sound at any time, day or night.  Whist the alarm detectors have been positioned to eliminate accidental triggering, it is not unusual for them to be set off by steam from a bathroom or kitchen. If this happens, it may be slightly annoying, but please remember that the system has been installed for your safety.

If the Alarm does sound please, do not assume that there is a fault, assume there is a fire!  Move quickly to the exit route of the property and establish that all residents are safe and accounted for before you investigate further.

Heating & Hot Water

The heating and the hot water in the house is all electric and there are no gas appliances in the property.  Each room has it’s own modern WIFI enabled electric heater which means that they can be set from anywhere with the use of the appropriate App.  Please refer to your room guide manaul for the specific type of heater and its associated App.

The Rear Door

The rear door gives access to the garden/yard area to the back of the house for the bin area and access to the Arndale Centre.  House-guests must make sure that this door is kept locked at all times.  To do this, you must lift the door handle to the upright position and then turn the thumb turner to the left.  Failure to lock this door, may result in unathorised access by person or persons unknown to us or to the house-guests.

The Rear Room

The rear room (behind the kitchen) is ultimatley designiated as a bedroom but will not be operational until the house to the east side garden is built.  This room allows access to the rear garden/yard area for the bins and access to the Arndale.  This room must not be used for storage and does not form part of the normal living area of the property.


This is a community house and is not suitable for pets, of any type.  We do not allow pets in any of our properties and you must get permission before bringing any visiting animal to the property.


A house cleaner will attend the property periodically to clean the communal  hallways and general communal areas along with the kitchen area.  The cleaner will clean what is reasonable, but will not clean what we class as being unreasonable. House-guest are responsible for the overall cleanliness and the hygenic upkeep of the kitchen and the general areas of the property. House-guests are individually responsible for the cleaning of their own rooms and the general upkeep of the decor and condition of their rooms and their en-suit shower rooms.

Ending Your Tenancy

Giving notice to vacate

If you want to vacate the property at the end of the tenancy agreement, or a date after the end of the tenancy agreement, you must provide at least one months notification in writing to us of your intention to vacate the property and you must specify the date that you intend to leave the property. Rent will be payable until the day you vacate the premises or until you remove all of your possessions from the property and return the keys to our office.

Final inspection

We will undertake a final inspection of the property at a time to suit both parties.  The final inspection will refer to the initial check-in report for verification of the condition of the property.



Maintainence and Repairs

If you have a maintenance issue, our ticket reporting system for tenantsis available 24/7 click here to log onto your Tenant System.  Or you can report it by using one of the numbers on the Contact Us Page.

What to do in the case of an Emergency:-

If  there is an emergency situation which could affect your safety or the safety of the property, please call the emergency contact number detailed on the Contact Us Page.

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