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We are here to provide the assistance you need, whenever you may need it. The following Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section provides some of the regularly asked questions about our properties and our rental business. If you have questions about our operations, or our services there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer here. If you cannot find the answer to your question here or if this section does not help you, please drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

About Our Tenancies

All our tenancies are Assured Short Hold Tenancies (AST’s) and depending on the agreement between tenant and landlord, the term can run from six months to three years.

Initially, we usually set up tenancies for a fiexed term of six months and renew the tenancy after that period if the tenancy has run smoothly.  We can renew by letting the tenancy run month to month (periodic) or we may, in agreement with the tenant, extend the tenancy by fixing a new term.

Periodic Tenancies

Periodic Tenancies are tenancies which go beyond their fixed term period, they are commonly known as week to week or month to month.  Tenants with periodic tenancies have exaclty the same rights as those with a fixed term tenancy and the law recognises these tenancies just the same.  Many of our tenancies are on “periodic” terms as this suits the tenants and offers them flexiblity to be able to exit their tenancy quickly.

Tenancy Deposit

If you paid a deposit for your tenancy, we will register it with one of the Government approved Tenancy deposit schemes and you will receive information relating to the specific scheme along with the certificate of registration.

Tenancy deposits are taken in case of a dispute over repairs or damange cannot be used to pay the last months rent

A deposit is like insurance against something going wrong in the property.  However, this money is your money and we as landlords should only keep it if you have caused damage in the property, you owe rent or you have failed to keep to the tems of the tenancy agreement which means that we have lost money. 

We can make reasonable deductions from the deposit if:

  • the property has been damaged
  • the rent hasn’t been paid
  • items are missing
  • the property needs to be cleaned
  • you left before the end of your tenancy.

The deposit cannot be used to pay your final months rent, the deposit is indepenedent of any rent payment due under the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Tenants have a responsibility to pay rent according to the terms of the tenancy agreement. Deciding not to pay the rent for the last month and insisting that we use the deposit instead is a breach of your agreement and is not acceptable unless we have specifically agreed to this in writing.  If your we do agree to use your deposit to cover the last month’s rent, you should first make sure that any damage or disrepair you’ve caused in the property has been sorted out. 

Tenancy Documenation

At the outset of your tenancy, you will be provided with copies of all the releavant tenancy documents and associated documentation such as Gas Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate etc. You must keep the documenation in a safe place as we cannot guarntee that we will be able to provide you with the same copies at a future date.

Property Access and Notice

The tenancy agreement clearly states that tenants must provide us access to the property providing we give adequeate notice and that tenants must not hinder or deny us access to our property.  If you prevent of hinder access to the property, we will consider it to be a breach of the terms of the tenancy and will act accordingly.

Gas and Electric Certificates

In certaine circumstances, we are legally obliged to certifiy the properties Gas and Electric systems and applicances.  Where Gas is concerned, this is an annual check and a five year check where Electricity is concerend. These certiciates are needed to make sure that the property is safe for you to reside in.  It is therefore in your interest to allow access to our qualified tradesmen to complete the certificate checks.  It is hard to belive, and whilst it has never happenned to us, some tenants actually refuse landlords access for this purpose.  We would consider this to be a serious breach of the terns of the tenancy as not only could it put the occupants of the property at risk, it also puts our property at risk and this is a risk we would not allow.

Maintenance and Repairs

Where there are maintenance and repair issues, we will deal with them as soon as is practically possible and we will contact you to arrange a suitable day and time to conduct the repairs.  If tenants are not available during normal daytime working hours, we will arrange to let the maintenance/repair person into the property ourselves.   If tenants prevent this, they may be increasing the damage to the property and as such they will be responsible for any further repair costs.

Property Viewings

If  a tenant is quitting the tenancy, we may wish to immediatley re-let the property.  If tenants hinder or prevent us from accessing the property to conduct property viewings for re-letting without just cause, we will consider that the tenant is preventing us from conducing our lawful commercial activities and we will look to recover any lost rental income tenants may cost us by delaying the re-letting of the property.


Ending The Tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy, you are legally obliged to provide us with one months notice to quit and if we wish to end the tenancy, we are legally obliged to provid you with two months notice to quit.  The notice period we are obliged to provide you may be significantly less than two months if you breach the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Tenancy Management System

You will be given log in details to your property mangement system where you will find

Repair & Maintenance

Reporting a Repair

You should report any repairs as soon as you notice them and reporting repairs is detailed in the terms of the tenancy agreements.  We have the right to access your home to see what work is needed and to carry out the repairs. Unless it’s an emergency.

  • Report repairs as soon as you notice them.
  • Report repairs in writing, either by email or txt to our usual contact details.
  • You have to let us or our contractor in to do the repair work and we will provide you with at least 24 hours’ notice – except in an emergence

Repairs – Time Scales

How quickly repair work will take depends on what repairs are needed. The law doesn’t give any specified time limits, but we always make best endevours to attend and repair in a ‘reasonable’ time. Certain repairs, such as a burst pipe, will be dealt with as an emergency.  We may also need to do temporary repairs until the problem can be resolved more fully.


A situation is not an emergency unless it immediately affects the safety of tenants or neighbours or the saftey of the property.

Repairs - A Tenants Responsibilities

As a tenant, you also have some responsibilities to keep your home in a good state of repair.

  • looking after your home by using it in a ‘tenant like’ way,
  • telling your landlord about the repairs that are needed,
  • providing access to have any repair work done, and
  • having a duty of care to your visitors.

The law implies a condition into every tenancy agreement that the tenant must use their home in a ‘tenant-like’ way.  Using your home in a tenant-like way generally means:

  • doing minor repairs yourself, such as changing fuses and light bulbs, lose or broken cupboard handles (in other words, common sense things).
  • keeping your home reasonably clean
  • not causing any damage to the property and making sure your visitors don’t cause any damage
  • using any fixtures and fittings properly, for example, not blocking a toilet or drains by flushing something unsuitable down it.
  • keeping gutters, drainpipes and outside drains clear of debris and blockages.

The tenancy agreement will also set out some express terms on what your responsibilities are for repairs, for example, that you are responsible for decorating the property, carpet cleaning etc.

Emergency Calls

We operate an emergency number for emergency call outs and we have a page on this site dedicated to this point.

Emergencies generally involve Gas, Water Pipe Bursts, Serious Electrical Problems or Structural Issues due to severe weather.
Situations do arise from time to time in rental properties which are much more of an inconvenience than they are an emergency and whilst we understand that losing your central heating at night in the middle of winter, or a fuse tripping on the electrical consumer unit is inconvenient and annoying, it does not necessarily constitute an emergency situation.
As Landlords, our legal responsibility is for us to make our best endeavours to rectify any reported situations within a reasonable time frame. We can usually get none emergency issues taken care of within 24 hours but we may be dependent on maintenance contractors and in some cases, the availability of parts.
Where there are genuine emergencies, we will respond quickly.


Smoking is not allowed in any of our properties.  We understand that some people still smoke and that they may smoke outside of the house.  If that is the case, we ask that cigarettes butts are put in an appropriate container and not simply thrown into the garden or the yard and most definiatley not thrown into drains, where they will surely clog up the draiange system! 


We are a landlord who does not accept pets and this will have been explained exhaustivly at the time you applied for the tenancy and at the time you signed the tenancy agreement, tenants will also have to sign a seperate document stating that they fully understand that our tenancies are none-animal tenancies and that they accept this position.  If during the course of your tenancy, you happen to have a pet, we are not going to belive that you are “looking after it for a friend or relative” and we will terminate the tenancy agreement.

Anti Social Behaviour

Put simply, it’s not acceptable to us, what more can we say?


Contratry to what some commentators may say, Landlords do not want to evict tenants unless there is a serious reason to do so. Evicting a paying tenant is expensive, time consuming and uneconmical.  We will only enter the eviction process and commence legal proceedings to gain possession of our property for serious beaches of the tenancy agreement, such as rent arrears, anti-social behaviour or a break down in the relationship between us and the tenant.

Ending A Tenancy

Vacating at End of Fixed Term Agreement

For tenants who are leaving the property at the end of the tenancy agreement, and do not wish to re-sign for a new tenacy agreement or continue on a periodic tenancy, one month notice in writing is required. Tenants are required to pay rent up to and including vacation date.

Breaking Agreement Prior to Fixed Term End Date

If a tenant wishes to break their tenancy agreement before it ends, one month notice is required. Tenants are required to submit the their notice in writing and must be signed by all tenants agreeing to the conditions below:

  • Rent is to be paid until the time a new tenant takes possession of the property
  • A property  inspection fee of  £50.00
  • All Marketing and advertising expenses incurred

Tenants are required to have all carpets within the rental property professionally cleaned upon vacating the property.

Contacting Us

Our contact details are displayed on the Contac Us Page.  We operate normal office hours and whilst we have an emergency number, this is for emergencies only and we do not respond to queries of a none emergency nature after normal office hours.


You will be responsible for charges in respect of the consumption of water, electricity, gas and telephones where the rented premises is separately metered for these services. Please contact your preferred suppliers to arrange the accounts for the utilities.

The Bloke In The Pub!

The bloke down the pub thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t, and he’s usually wrong anyway!  We have been landlords for over 25 years and we manage a large portfolio of properties, in that time we have rented to hundreds of tenants and we have seen just about everything a landlord can see.  We don’t profess to know everything, but we know much more than the bloke down the pub!

If you have an issue with regards to your tenancy, or the property, we would much prefer that you to talk to us about the problem than the bloke down the pub!  Situations are often less complicated than the bloke will make you believe it to be!