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Landlords Property Access

There is some ambiguity regarding our rights to access tenanted properties. The law is clear in that we must allow you "quiet enjoyment" of your property. However, there may be times when we need to gain access and under the terms of your tenancy agreement, we are allowed to do this. The following page explains your rights and our rights with respect to accessing the property.

What We Do!

We strive to deliver the best possible service to all our tenants. Our aim is to provide accessible, informative, efficient and timely responses to all tenant enquiries.

We are also committed to involving you in aspects of our service delivery so that we can continue to improve it. We aim to meet these in all our contact with our customers. A leaflet detailing our Customer Service Standards is available at all our scheme offices, and on request from 

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At HMO ?/// we do things a little differently from traditional investment methods and deliver regular returns for our investors with our fully secured asset-backed HMO investments.

An investment with HMO???? will fund the purchase and refurbishment of high end HMO Properties and can deliver returns of up to 10% IRR per annum return for you. Your capital is repaid in regular instalments over the agreed term with a final balancing lump-sum payment amount plus interest being paid to you with your final balance as a thank you – now how many banks will do that?

Think of what you could be doing with your high return investment!

Are you being rewarded?

Banks have huge amounts of customers with large sums of money languishing in current accounts that pay little or no interest!  According to the Financial Conduct Authority, there is an average of £33,000 in these customers current accounts and £17,000 in a savings account.   Their money should be working harder, but it isn’t!   At HMO….,  we deliver interest returns of up to 10% and our investment opportunity is open to any informed investor who feels it fits their investment strategy. 

  • Up to 10% IRR
  • Fixed Term Payments
  • Hands Free Investment
  • Zero Fees
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